Careers Questions

Topic Replies Activity
Wall Street v.s Silicon Valley 3 January 5, 2017
Research for "Oldies" 4 January 2, 2017
What I need to do in High School to become a Airline pilot 2 January 2, 2017
Marketing experiences 2 January 2, 2017
Should I pursue the "Asian 5" to maximise my future success? 4 December 27, 2016
Investment Banking at Goldman Sachs 2 December 21, 2016
Bain work experience 2 December 14, 2016
Getting Law degree overseas 2 December 10, 2016
What is the difference between a senior developer and a developer/junior developer? 2 December 5, 2016
What kind of programming skills should a digital product designer have? 3 December 5, 2016
How do software developer teams keep track of what each member should be working on? 2 December 5, 2016
How does the skill set on develops in university computer science study translates to the skills necessary to succeed at a company like Facebook? 2 December 5, 2016
What do employers look for in the software industry? 2 December 5, 2016
Do you need to be able to write code to be a software tester? 2 December 4, 2016
How do you transition into "Product Design" from other design industries? 2 December 1, 2016
What software languages should students try to learn outside what they learn at university 4 December 1, 2016
With the rise of coding bootcamps, is there still value in obtaining traditional degrees to get a programming job? 2 December 1, 2016
What appeals to you? Being a generalist or specialist? 2 December 1, 2016
Which university should I attend to get a good job in Silicon Valley? 2 December 1, 2016
What is a long/short equity hedge fund? 2 November 10, 2016
What does Angel Investing mean? 2 November 10, 2016
What made Pom Xu choose to transition from Management Consulting to Private Equity? 2 November 9, 2016
How did you go about getting a summer internship at Pfizer as an undergraduate? 2 November 8, 2016
What is it like to do a summer internship at Pfizer? 2 November 8, 2016
How hard is it to break into finance from an Australian University like ANU? 2 November 8, 2016
What is it like to work for a politician as a speech writer? 2 November 7, 2016
How relevant are skills learnt in university in computer science programs for technology firms like Facebook? 2 November 4, 2016
What is the appeal of management consulting post college/university? 2 November 4, 2016
In recent years, it seems like entrepreneurship has become a lot more popular - what are some tips to explore the opportunities in this space? 2 November 3, 2016
How does one go about pursuing an acting career in New Zealand? 2 November 2, 2016