Bain work experience

Bain prides itself on its company culture, especially in comparison to that of the other ‘big 3’ companies. How much time is actually spent on projects outside of your home city? i.e. projects that require you to stay overnight somewhere other than home.

This varies significantly by the particular office of Bain and is roughly between 1/4 of the time and 3/4 of the time. For example, the London office has a large number of local clients, because London is an international hub of clients. Consultants based in London therefore tend to travel less outsides their home office than some others.

On the other end of the spectrum, the South East Asian office of Bain operates much more like a regional office. If you are based in one of Bain’s South East Asian offices (Bangkok etc.) then you may be called upon to serve any work in the region. Individuals in these offices tend to travel a lot of the time.