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Announcements and Information

This is the space for Announcements and information about the Ask Crimson Community from the Community Manager.

High School Questions

This category is for all things related to High School. Ask questions about high school anywhere in the world, subjects and extra-curriculars you should be thinking about.

Study in the USA

Everything you need to know about undergraduate applications for the US in one place. From admissions and university selection to standardised testing we have it all under one roof here.

Med School Questions

Medicine is one of the toughest but also most rewarding areas of study in the world. From the UMAT to Life as a Grad and beyond we have you covered in this section.

Study in the UK

Big Ben, Black Cabs, and Buckingham Palace are all synonymous with the United Kingdom. This category is for all things British.

Study in South Africa

What’s better, UCT or Wits? Are my IEB’s recognized overseas? How do I get the Allan Gray? This category has your answers.

Study in New Zealand

This is the category for all things to do with higher learning in Aotearoa (NZ). From Auckland to Otago and everywhere in between our experts can answer any and all questions you have about university in NZ.

Careers Questions

From Management Consulting to Software Engineering our experts will answer any and all questions you have about anything careers-related.

US High School Students

Are you a HS student in the US? Use this board to ask questions related to standardized testing, AP/IB courses, or anything that relates to the high school and application process to colleges!


Leadership is a key part of not only your applications but also a key skill going forward in your career. Ask your questions about Leadership here.

Athletics ( High School / University )

Be a star not just in the classroom but also in the field. Ask about what it takes to earn domestic and international scholarships and what life is like as an elite athlete.


Whether you know the application process inside out or couldn’t name five colleges in the US, this section is for parents to get versed in studying abroad.