What do employers look for in the software industry?


When you graduate with a degree in software engineering or computer science, what do companies in those fields look out for? What are skills or experiences that these students need?


Companies look at the graduate’s ability/method at solving problems and communicating with their team. You will find employers asking candidates questions like:
"When you were working project at <Previous Company/Uni> what was a complex problem and how did you solve it?"
Employers want to find out the way you think and how you managed to tackle this problem. It would help if you can explain what value was generated in solving this problem.

Based on personal experience I believe communication is another key skill to have. By this I mean being able to articulate your position in any given situation and effectively allowing your workmates/team members to understand you.
Explaining code you’ve written
Communicating with testers to fix bugs/issues
Reporting to your manager
Mentoring workmates