What is it like to do a summer internship at Pfizer?

I am passionate about pharmaceuticals from a public policy and corporate perspective. What is it like to work there?

Hi! I’m currently a senior at Harvard University and I did an internship at Pfizer last summer. Most people getting their Bachelor’s degrees work in wet labs at Pfizer doing assays and drug discovery work, so in that facet my experience was a bit difference because I was working in an office programming a clinical trial data visualization tool. I really enjoyed the experience! I specifically liked how I was given my own project to work on that was actual useful for the company as a whole, and not just grunt work. The internship also allowed me to gain a higher-level view of how the workflow at the company progresses and how the different departments work together. It was fun having a cohort of other interns to share the experience with, and all of my managers and full-time Pfizer colleagues were amazing. I’d definitely recommend applying!

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