What I need to do in High School to become a Airline pilot



When i grew up i always wanted to become a pilot or a football player. Im deciding to take the more likely scenario and choose to try and become a pilot. I was wondering if there was anyone out there that could recommend specific subjects for me take in yr 12. Also as i live in the Howick, Auckland area, any good places where i can start learning to fly when i turn 16/17.


Hi there. I’ve got a mate who’s into flying and he’s given me this - unfortunately he says most of it is pretty vague and obvious, but I hope it helps.

"In terms of study, physics, maths, and chemistry should be the subjects of focus, alongside basic language competence. If he’s young enough (13 or 14), should consider joining the Air Training Corps - mainly military based, but will get a good look into the industry, and could complete his solo wings. I’ve searched briefly for aeroclubs in Auckland, and it looks like there’s a well established one which could answer more specific questions etc, or even get him started flying. http://aac.org.nz/

No. 40 Squadron ATC is based in Howick. Looks like they parade on Tuesday nights, so he could go to that too once they start recruiting (probably Feb, March). http://www.40squadron.org.nz/ "

I’ll see if I can find anything else for you. Cheers, happy new year!