How hard is it to break into finance from an Australian University like ANU?

I’ve read a lot on this forum about opportunities for students studying in the US/UK to get into these firms but what is the environment like for Australian students?

Firstly, you have to be clear in what you want to do in finance. Many different bulge bracket banks and consultancy firms will hold events at ANU just like at any other universities in Australia. The key thing is to be clear in what role you are aiming for, why you suit that role and strategize a path to achieve your goal. Show initiative and passion in finance by joining investment/finance clubs and improving your networking skills. To enter into front office roles (i.e. Investment banking, trading, consultancy) you have to display a hunger to learn and also humble spirit. Also, work on polishing your verbal communication, written skills and formatting as small details can go a long way when you are applying for jobs in finance. If you are applying for a bulge bracket firm and are hoping to land a front-office job, read and internalize their business principles, or even better yet find a book to read about their history. I heard that Jamie Dimon just finished his bibliography titled “House of Dimon”, after J.P. Morgan’s “House of Morgan”.

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