World challenge


Hi there
I am wondering if going on a World Challenge expedition would be beneficial for applications to universities in the UK and US? In other words- will it add to an application in some way? If I were to do it, I would be raising all the funds (R50 000) to go, in various ways over the next year. I would be going to Borneo to do different adventure and conservation activities for 16 days.


Hi @50b6836d413a6d3c6d03,

I am not super familiar with World Challenge but I’d say yes, if it is something interesting, unique, challenging, and meaningful for you and makes a positive difference to the world (any or all of the above) then go for it.

The way I think about it is: “Is this the best possible thing you could do with your time?”. And at the very least it sounds like a good thing to be doing.