Work load and sleep


I just wanted to know with all the time put into studying/extra-curricular would it be normal to get less than the recommended amount of sleep (e.g. 7-8 hours) per day?


Hi @ANON476,

Great question. My advice is that you get enough sleep so that you feel “normal” - comfortable, energetic and happy. (This is a different number of hours for everyone, but it’s usually something like 7-8). You will find that prolonged periods of sleep depravation will lower your productivity and academic/extracurricular performance anyway, so it is in your best interests to make sure you have a healthy lifestyle (the same applies for eating, exercising and socializing).

You shouldn’t need to be sleeping any less than the recommended amount in order to accomplish your study and extracurricular goals. In terms of university applications, admission officers want students that have a healthy and balanced lifestyle. As such, they will never expect you to have deprived yourself of sleep or lived an unhealthy lifestyle in order to achieve some incredible level of success.

That said, there are always some weeks when you get less sleep than you want to. Maybe it’s exams, maybe it’s when you’re launching a project, or maybe it’s when you’ve just been partying. And that’s normal.

Just remember that good planning, realistic goals and self care are your best friend.

Sleep tight!