Will colleges request my CIE a2 grades?


I was accepted ED to Columbia and do CIE a-levels in the UK.

Does my school have to send a final report? If so what should it include? Will Columbia ask for my CIE grades?

Hey there,

Yep - you’ll have to send a final transcript in with your grades. Your school counsellor should do this for you - I’d recommend going in to see them and ensure that it’s sent. For me, this is due in June but I’ve already submitted it.

Congratulations on your Columbia acceptance!


Most universities don’t ask for your final grades before they make an offer to you. The exceptions are usually Harvard, Princeton and Yale. However, once you are accepted to any university they will request your final exam results. Generally, if you score within a letter grade of your predicted results, you will be fine. However, if you score poorly you may have your offer rescinded. This is decided case-by-case.