Which GRADES matter?


New Zealand universities look at both the YEAR 12 and 13 grades with year 12 determining whether you get a scholarship or not. Does this also apply to US universities? I am currently in year 12 and just want to know if they would look at this years grade rather than year 13


Hi @ereilz14,

US universities will look at your Year 12 grades, as well as Year 11 and anything else you can provide. In your Common App you’ll also submit you predicted Year 13 grades (presumably Level 3 and Scholarship) and in January you’ll submit your Year 13 results in the Optional Report.

Reason: US Universities want to see your academic journey. They want to understand what your pathway has been and see your ability and consistency, as well as demonstrated effort and improvement. The upside of them having historical information is that, for example, a few bad marks in Year 11 can be completely mitigated by improvement and success in later years of high school.