What is it like to study in New York City?


I am from Auckland originally and am a bit nervous about living in such a big city. What is it like? :airplane:


Hi Curious.george,

New York City is a diverse place and everyone who comes here will experience their own version of it. However, in my own experience, New York City is truly the greatest city in the world. The people you meet, the diversity, and the career opportunities are truly endless.

However, with that being said, people often come to new york and leave without having gained much at all. It’s really about how involved and proactive you are. The opportunities are all here, but it’s (mostly) not something you stumble into. It requires proactive networking, attending events, and putting yourself out there.

If they’re safe, proactive and hardworking, I think anyone can really thrive in NYC and have a truly fantastic experience. I hope you’ll come and experience it for yourself!