What is it like to study economics at New York University?

What are some of the key attributes of the economics program at NYU?

Hi Curious.george,

Thanks for asking and this is a great question! There are actually three different economics tracks you can take here at NYU, the stern concentration, the CAS policy concentration or the CAS theory concentration.

The Stern economics concentration has a focus on business economics, it focuses on providing as much economic theory that is directly relevant to running a business as possible. If you’re going into business, expect to use these skills often!

The CAS tracks are a little more content and theory heavy although depending on what you’re planning to do with them, the skills and knowledge points may be less applicable to business life. The Policy track focuses on the theory of economics and the implications of different government regulations and business practices while the CAS theory track is very quantitative and has a heavy focus on the “knitty gritty” equations and outcomes of various models and policies. If you think you’ll go into research or a math heavy career, this will build your math to a high level and prepare you well.

No matter which of these three tracks you take, you with come out with a strong skill set and understanding of economics. Furthermore, the networking and career opportunities in finance and entrepreneurship at NYU around economics are fantastic. However, each track does have a slightly different focus, so depending on if you’re interested in business, research or just understanding economic theory in general, make sure you choose the right one for you.

I hope this helped!

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