What does the interviewer tell to their boss?


I think my interview went well, but I’m just wondering what exactly the interviewers job is and what they report to the admissions council! Thank you :slight_smile:


Amongst other things, it is the interviewers job to gauge your personality, communication skills and your potential fit to the school.

In terms of their reporting, these are some interview questions, specific to Brown, that the interviewer answered:

  • Why do you think the applicant is applying to Brown? Do the candidate’s reasons for applying seem thoughtful and genuine? Please give examples if possible.

  • Does the candidate seem knowledgeable about Brown (the open curriculum, specific departments, student activities, etc.), or just speak in general terms that could apply to any selective college or university?
    Is there something offered at Brown that is unique to this student and his or her interests and talents?

  • How would you describe the candidate’s intellectual qualities? Is there evidence of curiosity and/or depth? Would the student make good use of the Brown Curriculum?

  • Does the applicant demonstrate unusual intellectual sophistication or self awareness?
    What motivates the applicant? For example, if he or she wants to pursue medicine, why?
    How would he or she contribute to Brown intellectually?

  • How has the candidate spent his or her time outside of the classroom? What seems most important to the applicant? What interests, talents, or experiences might the candidate bring to the Brown community?

  • Does the candidate seem like a good fit for Brown and why?

  • Does Brown seem like a good fit for the candidate and why?

  • How would he or she contribute personally?

  • What are your overall impressions of this candidate’s personal qualities? Does the applicant seem like a good match for Brown? How would you summarize your interaction with the applicant?

  • Did the conversation flow naturally?

  • Was the applicant polite and respectful?

  • Did you enjoy the conversation with the applicant?

Good luck with your decision!