What does a first year dorm at Yale University look like?


I’d love for someone to explain what this looks like.


For all but two of the colleges (Silliman and Timothy Dwight), freshman dorms are located at a large quadrangle called “Old Campus”. Depending on which building you’re in, a dorm’s bedroom might be a smallish room with two desks and a bunkbed, or, it might be a large single bedroom. Even the “worst” freshman dorms have generous common rooms, and students from other universities tend to remark at how large the living spaces are. Dorms are usually comprised of 4-8 people, but students with exceptional needs can be assigned to standalone singles. Many students put a lot of effort into decorating their rooms, and furnishing can range from handed-down couches to new bar fridges and big-screen TVs. Yale supply each student with a bed and a desk, but the rest is up to the students to organize.