Strategy Focus Present vs Future


Hello! Currently I am a leader of a school organization and we are working on an event which is going to be repeated annually. Since I am a senior and I am leaving the school next year, should I think of a strategy that would make this year’s event very successful, but could have negative influence on the future editions, or rather focus on making the event good in the future?


Hey George!

Remember that a good leader leaves a positive impact on the organisations that they have been affiliated with. If your net influence has been negative and especially is easily traceable, you run the risk of having selectors realise that your community has not really benefited from your activities and you could seem at best a bit of an exaggerator and at worst quite dishonest.

That being said, you do not have much influence over the future editions of the event if, like you said, you are leaving. Do the best you can do to make the event a roaring success and make sure that some of the people on your team will be there next year to pass on what they have learned and be inspired by the example you have set. Success can always be a win-win!

Best of luck,


Hi Curious.Georgie,

I agree with Joanna and I especially like the point she raised that each project is an opportunity to recruit new members and promote your organization’s brand.

There are plenty of event ideas you can do that will have a beneficial result for your club and will also help your university application.

Keep events positive and they will act as a springboard to support future club members in lifting your club’s profile.

Don’t be tempted by shortcuts that will only harm the organization that you worked so hard to build! Furthermore, a strong event will only help your own college application!