Rowing NZ and personal goals


@tommack1 , what has been your experience with Rowing NZ and what are your goals? What is it possible to achieve?


Rowing NZ is the High Performance rowing center in NZ. I’ve been with them since 2014 in the Junior U19 Team. I was in the coxed 4 and we won a Bronze medal at the U19 world championships in Germany.

I’ve made the NZ Uni team and NZ U21 team over the years. I turned down a U23 trial to focus on uni for another year. This was one of the better decisions I’ve made as it enabled me to have fun at uni, learn, mature and also realize that I really wanted to commit to the rowing pathway. My main hope is getting to the Olympics, that would be a pretty cool experience.


Wicked, cheers @tommack1 best of luck with everything mate