NYU - What is the Elite Daily Magazine? What are the opportunities to participate in this while studying in New York City?


I have heard this is student run - is this true?


Hi Curious.george,

Elite daily is one of the many fantastic opportunities that you can take advantage of while in NYC. It’s an online platform that’s similar to buzzfeed, only the articles are generally longer and they convey a message (as opposed to jokes or pop culture updates).

When I first started at NYU, Elite daily was just launching its college outreach program - a program where students run a club within a university and students to create content. I’ve always loved writing and so I thought it would be a great opportunity to start my own club and get my thoughts out there (when I was involved,they had 40 million unique views per month so the potential reach of each article was exciting!).

I had a fantastic time running the NYU club, and was disappointed when school and my other commitments meant I had to stop my involvement. However if you’re interested in journalism or just want to get your thoughts out there, you could look into joining Elite daily or one of the many other fantastic writing platforms that are headquartered in NYC (some of my friends also write for Vice, New York time etc).

Hope this helped!