No attendees or speakers responded to my event email

What did I do wrong??

Hi Sarah,

Thanks for reaching out and without seeing your emails its hard to say if you did anything wrong.

However, emails are at a high risk of ending up in a spam folder. It’s quite possible that due to writing style or the kind of content you used, the emails went straight to spam and your attendees and speakers never saw them!

To avoid this, make sure you’re not sending the email to large groups of people, using a lot of exclamation marks or too many images.

Keep your emails short, snappy and don’t send them to too many people. A more effective way to get in touch with people you know is actually through facebook messenger. This is quick, direct and you don’t have the competition from spam and subscribed mailing lists.

If you don’t know someone such as a speaker, you can ask to be referred to them by a mutual friend. Most high-level speakers and successful people are bombarded with requests for their time and help, so this personal connection can really make the difference of whether they help you.

With this being said, you can and should still reach out to people you don’t know personally. Just be prepared that they may not respond, so it’s good to cast a wide net.

I hope this helps for future any future endeavors!