New Zealand applicant to Stanford stats

How many NZ students does Stanford generally take in each year? And has anyone (in the past 10~ years) been successful in gaining financial aid?

Hey there,

Typically, Stanford accepts 1-2 NZ students per year, but last year it jumped to 6! So far there is 1 from New Zealand for Class of 2021, but hopefully more over the coming days.

As for financial aid, I’m unsure sorry.

Wow 6! Were they all Crimson students?

I believe so. We’ll find out in 4 days whether it was a statistical anomaly or a strong trend!

Exciting! Ivy day coming up too

Why do you think it jumped to 6 last year? Were the candidates more exceptional than previous years?

Also, based on the previous years, how has the girl:boy ratio been like? The only people I know admitted were guys (from NZ) but then again, I don’t know many!

I’m not sure why last year was so high - I think we’ll find out shortly whether there’s been an increase in quality generally or whether last year was just abnormal. Here’s hoping for more kiwis heading over!

As for boy:girl, I’m not sure of the official facts. @jamie.beaton do you have them? In terms of kiwis currently there I know one girl and 3 boys (including one in PhD).

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More kiwis heading over to Stanford? :smiley:

I heard that the acceptance rate this year was the lowest!

Yep! @Amay-zing beat the lowest admission rate in history!

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So did you! Congrats you two!


Hi @flowerpower5,

Thanks for the question. I was the first kiwi to receive financial aid (class of 2019) and I think there has been someone given financial aid in every year since.

Stanford is not need-blind so they take into account your financial situation in the application process. This can make it harder to gain entry if you’ll need financial aid. However, it is progressing toward becoming need-blind/more liberal with it’s financial aid.

Yup, an admissions dean I talked to said that they were currently in the process of researching the funding structure for a need-blind international financial aid fund.

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