NCEA Scholarship Grant


Hi all,

I’m applying for the NCEA Scholarship Grant from Crimson Education and have completed my cover letter and am ready to complete my application, but the page has gone down!

I understand that it was due by 5pm tomorrow (5/7/17) but it is not up now and I don’t know how else to apply!

Please help :slight_smile:


Working on it now - thanks for the heads up @cameronbaxter


Thanks heaps mate, is it just available at the same link? That one still isn’t working but I understand it’ll take a bit for the server to update, just checking it’s at the same place :smile:


Hi Cameron

The webpage should still be up and running! The link is at


Awesome, thanks mate!!


Hi, is the grant only eligible for students from a decile 1-5 school?


Hi, unfortunately the grant is only for students from decile 1-5 schools, but we do offer Scholarship examinations support to all students - do let us know if you are interested!


@a.merchant what scholarships do Crimson Consulting offer and is there a webpage to run thorough all the scholarships/ grants offered by Crimson ?
Thans in advance.


Hi anon,

The only scholarships that I know of that Crimson offers is the NZ Scholarship grant and the Te Ara a Kupe Beaton Scholarship, but there may be others that someone will hopefully be able to let you know about.

I also don’t think there is a website unfortunately.