Is american Universities Stagnant?

American universities are currently amongst the top of the world but are they getting worse or just not improving? and would you say that within the next few years countries such as China will have universities amongst the best in the world?

I think U.S. Universities will remain within the cream of the crop for a long time. I’m not sure what the 10-20 year trend has been, but I sense that universities from other countries are becoming more prominent. THE ranks three English and one Swiss university within the top ten, alongside seven U.S. universities.

If say I go to university that currently ranks top 30, but in 10 years or so goes up to top 10, will it still have the impact of employers just saying i graduated from there even though at the time it wasn’t so good?

That’s a good question - I wonder the same thing. For the most part, I think so.

University rankings typically rise as a response to higher quality teaching and achievements. It takes some time for rank to reflect the university (as much as rankings can be an accurate indicator). This means that your university was improving and impressive even while at #30 in order to earn the #10 spot. Therefore, well-versed people will know that when you attended your university was doing better than it’s rank suggested.

If they don’t know the history, then I imagine they’ll see the #10 spot and assume the university is and simply was #10 all along.

The reverse can be said of university ranking falling after your graduation. The better your university succeeds after you leave, the more you stand to benefit. This is another good reason to donate to your alma mater.