How is the food at Yale? What are the choices like?


Are their strong vegan options? What is the structure of the meal plan?


The food at Yale is generally great. While a lot of colleges tend to be limited to spaghetti/burgers/pizza-type cuisine, the meal options at Yale are far more diverse (e.g. curries, quiche, and pot roasts). Each college has its own dining hall, and because they “compete” for students’ meal swipes, a high standard of dining is maintained. Hot breakfasts are available every morning, brunch is offered on weekends, and every college has a full salad bar.
Yale has also made a specific effort to accommodate vegans. Through the “Plant Based Protein Program”, Yale has ensured that legitimate vegan options are available at every meal. While I’m not a vegan myself, I often ate Yale’s vegan chicken just for the taste.
Regarding the meal plan, a few options are available. For students living on campus, there is an unlimited meal plan, a 21 meal per-week plan, and a 14 meal per-week plan. Students living off campus can also purchase a 5 meal per-week plan, a block of 150 meals, or individual meals.