How do I contact coaches from different colleges if I aim a being recruited for their team? When should I contact them?


Hi! I am a Mexican high school student studying at an American School. I have been training for my state’s track and field team and I would love to be be recruited by a college in the USA. However, I do not know how to approach coaches or what to do in order to make this happen.


Hi @isabella.chilena

This is a great question! It is incredibly complex in terms of how best to approach reaching out to the numerous coaches. But to begin with I would suggest that you begin by actively getting in direct contact. No one can tell your story better than you can!

So in terms of a course of action, I would recommend that you spend some time identifying a group of programs you are interested in. Once you have created a shortlist, you can generally find the contact information of the coaches on the school’s athletics department website.

This is the approach I would begin with, I hope this helps you out :slight_smile:


Thank you so much for answering my question! It definitely helped. What would you recommend I send them in an email?


I would recommend that you just introduce yourself at first. Tell them a bit about yourself and your credentials. I would also ask about what they are looking for in the athletes in their respective programmes. Just like as if you were job hunting you want to make sure each email you send out is different and personalised to the recipient. So I would suggest that you make sure you do a bit some research about each coach and make sure you personalise each email accordingly.


Thank you so much!