How could i apply for any USA university's' scholarship?

Hello I’m a student from NZ Auckland who is currently taking CIE at the moment. I really want to attend USA unis in the future but has no idea of how to apply for an scholarship for that. I’m currently year 12 and I have heard that I need to start to prepare for unis from now on… So um yeah… what should I do if I want to get into overseas ( especially USA unis ) with an scholarship offered for me?

Sure. I also wanted to study on a scholarship and I’m now at Duke on the Robertson. It’s a full ride scholarship that also offers summer funding. To my knowledge, it’s the only undergraduate scholarship offered specifically for New Zealand students for studying in the states. That seems bizarre to me, but I could never find any other ones listed. I’d like to see more scholarships in the future. I’ve a friend at Duke from New Zealand that studies on the Karsh Scholarship, but I believe that is awarded based on your application to Duke - you don’t apply directly for the Karsh.


more info: Karsh Scholarship at Duke

That said, think about your financial situation. If you do require financial support to be able to study in the states, then you will be able to find it at top (rich) universities. Many universities have a need blind admissions process. This means they’ll admit you irrespective of your financial situation and then “make sure you can afford the tuition”.

Check out these posts about financial aid to understand financial aid: US Financial Aid/Scholarships - Ask Crimson Education

For more information about applying to the U.S., look in the undergrad application category. Here’s a great timeline:

Thank you very much I’ve gained lots of information :slight_smile: . May I ask you one more questions? What time would be good for a NZ student to apply for US universities? End of year 13? Or prior to that? Thank you.

Hi @ac84817,

Certainly the earlier the better - I strongly encourage you to understand
the process and make a plan even before Year 13. That said, you can get
away with starting mid-Year 13 (though it will begin to become very hectic).

The US application is much more comprehensive than NZ because it includes
personal statements, standardized tests, teacher recommendations,
extra-curricular information, etc. Getting your bearings and understanding
the challenge early on is crucial so that you don’t end up scrambling and
submitting something that doesn’t do you justice.

In terms of literal submission - the deadline is around the 31st of
December, so just make sure it is in by then!

Good luck!