Facebook page flopped - where did I go wrong?


I recently launched a facebook page for this knitting club I started but even though people were generally excited for it, no one liked the page! Can you help me build some following here?


Hi Sarah,

Thanks for your question and don’t be discouraged by this! This is actually very common and it’s likely that it’s just a matter of how you set up the facebook page.

No one wants to join a club that looks like no one else wants to join right? So a good thing to do before you publically launch your page is to personally reach out via facebook messenger to the people who expressed interest. You can ask them to like or join the page so there are a number of people who are confirmed members before the general public see it.

This way, the public will see this is a club that has interest and members already. This makes them much more likely to like the page or click going. If these people had seen the page before the other members confirmed, the page would look like no one was interested and it would discourage them to click going.

To summarize, you need to get the ball rolling with personal messages and then do your public launch.