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Can any one suggest a volunteer activity/ extra curricular activities that will show my passion for economics. Whilst I have had a few days work experience with a private equity firm which was fanastic, I can’t think of any in going activity I can do that will demonstrate my commitment and passion for eco. I do a lot of reading in economic theory that is beyond my IB curriculum but want to be able to show on my Cambridge app that I have a history of my passion for eco. Thnx

You could volunteer for a charity or social agency. I would suggest that you approach an organisation that works in a field you are interested in, and then offer to work on an identified task or project. There is often valuable information that can be gained from this kind of activity and many charities/social agencies just don’t have the time and resource to do this.

An example would be to offer to analyse data/demographics in a specific area such as subscriptions, donations or membership and then present the information as a report or powerpoint presentation. If you work on a specific task or project, you will become knowledgeable in that area and there will be an quantifiable outcome that you can demonstrate. This gives you rich information to discuss in your application and interview. Then think about how you could extend your experience so that it’s not just a one-off for application purposes.

This might be an old fashioned suggestion, but once you’ve decided on organisations to approach, do some research so that you are well prepared and then telephone the person your research has identified as the decision maker. Managers will appreciate the direct approach and this will illustrate that you are showing initiative. Good luck!


Hi Tardis,

Good question and Janine had some great thoughts in the first response. To add a couple ideas onto this, I would suggest that you also do an economics based leadership project or a research project with a local university.

A leadership project can be anything from starting a club or campaign to even your own organization. Clubs and campaigns are easier options and your school should have a straight forward process to register an official club. Campaigns are also a reasonably easy option. To do this, find a current event or policy that you want to raise awareness around. Once you’ve decided which issue you want to support, recruit a team to get (preferably online) signatures and run awareness events (there are some great online petition platforms like or changebrite that you could check out).

Starting an organization is also less tricky than you may think (especially if you’re in New Zealand). Whichever country you’re based in, the registration steps should be online and reasonably straight forward. The key things to consider when looking into starting an organization are finding an idea you’re passionate about, gathering a strong team and making a sound business plan. After that, there’s also viability, investment and time considerations. Don’t let this put you off though, many students have started their own successful businesses and non-profit organizations.

My last suggestion is working with a local university professor on a research paper. You can do this two ways. Firstly, by reaching out via email to a number of university economics professors. Then ask if they’re looking for a hand with their own research project. Otherwise, you could also embark on your own research project and ask for their input as a supervisor.

I hope this helped and best of luck!


Thank you so much for your replies. Great ideas

If you’re in the Auckland area, the CETA Economics & Accounting Pursuits competition is a great option too.
Otherwise, you could try writing research into economics, or send an email to your local newspaper and ask if they’re interested in having an analysis column written on a semi-regular basis. Many of the smaller regional newspapers will be interested in this! Something like the East Bays Courier in Auckland, for example.

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