Difference between Carmel College vs Westlake Girls


Hi I would like to know the strength and weaknesses of each of these school, and which school gives stronger education to help their girls succeed in their passions and International university admissions.
Thank you


@j.yan2 went to Westlake Girls, she might have some insight!


Hi anon! I went to Westlake, but don’t know much about Carmel, so this response won’t involve much comparator analysis. Westlake is larger in size than Carmel, so naturally would have more extracurricular activities. There are more sports teams and music groups, and we often combine with the boys’ school. The level these teams operate at is very high, and the premier teams compete at international level. There is also a good leadership culture at Westlake, and it instils ambition to aspire to be prefects, lead clubs, volunteer etc. However, Westlake is weak with academics, and the top students don’t receive much special attention or challenge. E.g. there is no accelerate programme where you can do CIE/IB or even do NCEA a year early to focus exclusively on Scholarship in Y13. There is also little support for international uni admissions.