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I’m looking to enroll in Crimson, can someone please summarize the key info to help me make a decision?

Hi @anonymous39,

Good question. The best way I would frame this is that, regarding studying overseas, if you are planning to pay the tuition to study in the US or UK, you better make sure that you get into the right university for you (including the style/culture/academic fit, and also the standard/ranking/competitiveness). It is difficult to do this on your own: that’s why Crimson exists in the first place.

Now from a numbers perspective, if you’re paying the US$280,000 to study at the US (excluding spending money and travel), you could argue that you want to spend a value of 5% of that fee to make sure you get into the best university possible, which would be US$14,000. This is because you think that by going to such a better university you will not only have a better time, but get a better job that will easily recoup the $14,000. This is basically the same logic behind spending money to go to a private school, or paying for tutoring, or going to university at all.

The question, then, is how much of an investment you want to make in your education. That is a personal decision and will probably require you to think deeply about where you want to live, the types of jobs and salaries you can aim for, whether you can afford it in the first place or can finance it somehow… these are all big questions.

If you’re thinking about going overseas, you can get in touch with Crimson and have a free talk with someone that can speak more specifically to your case than I can over this forum. Jamie is a good person to email (

This is the first framework that I’d use to answer this question – I hope it is helpful for you.