Credit Transfer from Auckland Uni to U.S. Uni


I am currently taking semester 1 at Auckland Uni but got into some U.S. Unis starting this fall. Is it possible to transfer my credits from Sem 1 over? What is the process of doing so? OR should I just drop out haha


Hi @anonymous28,

Sorry, I thought this had been answered earlier.

It varies case-to-case. Email the Director of Undergraduate Studies (DUS) of the relevant subject. There will be a process outlined by the university which typically involves sending relevant coursework, problem sets and exams. The DUS will evaluate whether the material is equivalent to one of their courses and if it is, and you achieve the minimum grade requirement, you will get transfer credit (for me, getting credit to Duke required a B- at the University of Canterbury).

It’s always a bit hit-and-miss based on your NZ university, the papers (courses) you are currently in, the U.S. university and the particular DUS’s you’re working with, but believe me, it is worth the effort to get transfer credit.

Why is it worth it? It enables you skip introductory courses. This is helpful because you avoid the competition and stress of intro courses and later on, you’ll have greater opportunity to pursue higher-level, in-depth and interesting courses, or research and other opportunities.

I give a more comprehensive explanation of the advantages and disadvantages of transfer/AP credit here: The advantages and disadvantages of AP credit