Young Scholars Programme and More than 10 Activities


Hi, thank you for your time. Where would your university transcript with your uni grades from young scholars programme go in your common app? Also, if you have more than 10 activities -how would you pick 10 - should you group activities together and sacrifice detail for quantity?"


You can list it under your courses and then give the university transcript to your high school counsellor so that him/her can include the grades in your high school transcript.

You would pick the 10 you’ve been most involved in and displayed leadership in. The rest you can include in the additional information section.

You don’t have much detail anyways for the description of the activities. It’s not really what you did that’s important, it’s how you convey it to the admission officer. You might have organised something that’s really legit, but if you don’t know how to describe it in a legit way, then it’s not very useful.