Year 10 student


Hi there,

I am currently a year 10 student and I am doing NCEA level 1 science and Level 1 social studies a year early. However, I am considering moving to a school in year 11 that offers the cambridge program. I really want to get accepted into an international university which is why I am considering doing the cambridge program. I am not very involved with extra-curriculars but am trying to focus on my academics. I don’t know if it’s too early to think about universities just yet, but I’ve always wanted to study abroad. What would you recommend I do as a year 10 to be able to get accepted into international universities in the future (year 12-13).



Hi! Yes changing to Cambridge is a good idea. Generally speaking A Levels prepares you better than NCEA for university admissions although we have supported many NCEA students to gain admission also. This is a good step - I would aim for as many A grades as possible at AS Level or A* at IGCSE level

Can you send me a copy of your CV and academic results to and I’ll give you some insights specifically tailored to your candidacy