Why do universities take transfer students?

Why would any university take transfer students?

Because some great students who the University wants don’t always apply straight away, might’ve been unable to apply, had game changing circumstances, etc.

Just because you’re rejected in the initial round, doesn’t mean you’re a lost cause to the University. If they deem you to be valuable to the University, they’ll want you still - this may just not have been effectively conveyed in the initial application, for whatever reason!

Harry is absolutely right. I am living proof that you can get rejected the first time and accepted later as a transfer student, even though your odds of acceptance are worse as a transfer. It all depends on how you develop yourself your first year. Basically, schools are just looking to fill any gaps they might have. Maybe they have some musicians who also do science, but do they have anyone who plays rock violin and does social studies? (Ok, that’s a personal example…but you get the point.) They want talented, passionate people who add diversity, even just a little bit, to the class they’ve already developed. It takes a lot to convince them you’re the right person, but with Crimson’s help, it’s 100% possible–I know it for a fact.

Hi! I’m currently a first year student at an Australian University looking to either transfer or reapply as a first year to a top US University. I’ve hard that transferring can be very difficult, but I’m also not sure I want to take an entire gap year and then risk not getting into a US University. I was also wondering if Crimson provides any support for transfer students given how different it is to the first year admissions process. Thank you!