Why did no one come to my event?


Help! Everyone said they were interested in going to my fairy themed bake stall at my community hall, but only a few people out of the 50+ that said they would go did!

How do I get more people to go next time?


Sorry to hear that!

Running a successful event can seem like a very daunting task and there is a lot of planning & consideration that needs to go into it beforehand.

At Crimson, we guide students through several aspects that help in gaining great publicity and also creating strong relationships within a team and their target attendees. If can be easy to overlook each of these aspects if you lack experience in them.

Students should learn how to make a logo for their event as well as running a targeted social media campaign.

A complementary campaign that focuses on the traditional media requires well-written media releases that focus on the key events and aspects of the event.

Each of these aspects is addressed in a little more depth in some other questions, but the key here is to get as much exposure as possible, rather than sourcing your attendees from a relatively narrow pool.

Hopefully this gives you a head start in having an innovative approach when you take your next shot at it.