Why choose Duke Engineering over Berkeley?

Why is Duke better?

  1. Campus

  2. People – Amazing people from all over who are looking for that extremely amazing private school experience on a true college campus.

  3. Competition – People work together here at Duke. There’s a strong sense that we are all in this together, rather than competing neck and neck for internships

  4. Research – there is so much opportunity to place yourself under the tutelage of graduate students here looking to get you to help them in their research. It is as easy as reaching out to them or checking the DukeList resource where they post “assistant wanted”

  5. Vibes – I am not the kind of person who likes protesting every single political misstep and I am not the kind of person who smokes weed everyday. Granted, you can find those people here if you want, but I am more of a type-A boomboomboom person and the chill Berkeley vibes didn’t fit up my alley. I am very glad I chose Duke.