Why all the SATs?


So, I’m in my second last year of high School and I’m thinking of studying in the US. I did some research and found that apparently I need to take seven SATs and I just wanted to know why? Why are there so many SATs? What’s going to be tested in each of them? Is it all the same topics and do I need to take all of them or can I just take a few?

Thank you


Hey! Which country are you from?

You have to do either the SAT or ACT. Send an email to f.jiang@crimsoneducation.org and he can send you a diagnostic for each of them to see which is a better fit. This is fine for most US schools.

The best US schools require 2 subject tests - these are 1 hour multi-choice tests and you can do up to 3 in one sitting. SAT/ACT is 3 hours 45 minutes. Our Crimson data on admitted students shows 3-4 subject test scores is more ideal but you need to be strategic in which ones you choose based on your subjects.

You are in second to last year so need to rush - fire over your grades, CV and info so far