Where in the world can I do a graduate degree in medicine if I haven't had any formal training in the sciences, even at high school?

Kind of a niche question, but suppose I’ve complete a BA, majoring in History or Psychology, or an LLB, or a BCom, and suppose I’ve decided that the Arts life is not for me but medicine definitely is, what institutions in the US/UK or NZ/AUS offer a degree for people with those sorts of qualifications? For people who didn’t take any science classes at university or finish any A-levels in Biology/Chemistry/Physics?

From what I can see, Sydney university’s website says they require applicants to sit the GAMSAT, but that’s the only sort of science-based assessment they’re obligated to have done, ever! Could an Arts graduate take this test and do well at it? What sort of support would they need to tackle the Science based section?

Besides the University of Sydney, where else could an Arts/Commerce/Law student study medicine?

Sorry for all the questions – any answers or advice will be appreciated!

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Hi @HenryD

I am going to assume that you have a BA from an Australian university?

If thats the case, the best shot they have in terms of entry into post-graduate medicine is via graduate entry universities in Australia. Most of them are under GEMSAS. You can find a full list of participating schools in AU here.

However to be clear for someone with a limited background in science it will be very difficult but not impossible. So in terms of the support they would need to tackle the Science section it would be intensive to say the least to achieve a competitive GAMSAT score.

Students from non-science degree from our experience (Law, Engineering) can achieve competitive GAMSAT scores with around 6-12 months of extensive GAMSAT coaching however, foundation sciences is pretty much a pre-requisite.

As for the NZ portion of your question, then it is a comepletely different story. It would be

If you they are a NZ Graduate, then its a completely different story. In terms of the pathways to get into one of NZ’s two medical schools.

At a glance the traditional route of completing Health Sciences First Year (HSFY) at the University of Otago is not available as you have completed teritiary education already and are therefore excluded from that course. However you would still be eligible to do first year in Auckland and complete that pathway.

Also open to you is Graduate Application pathway at Otago University.

In a nutshell these are your options in AU/NZ, I hope this was helpful!

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