Where can i go with a 1460 SAT?


took the SAT and got a 1460. what would be the best college to apply for?


Hi @e5ca6aaf489e675ffea2

Congrats on your score!! 1460 is a great score to get on your SAT!

This score opens a lot of doors for you, in fact, you would be able to apply for 90% of the colleges in the US with confidence. However, in terms of the very upper echelon of academic institutions, this is score while competitive, is toward the middle of the road for elite universities.

Overall, what’s a good SAT score? It depends.

For an Ivy League school, it’s about 1550.

For other highly competitive schools, it’s above 1400.

For most other colleges, 1300 and up will make you a competitive applicant.

If you want more information on what is a good SAT score or even how to improve your current one you should check out this handy blog on our website :slight_smile:


Hi m.hardy

I have had a look at the link, it is very helpful. I have a question: why is the SAT scores for Cornell so low? Shouldn’t it be much higher considering its ivy status?

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I’m glad you found the link helpful :slight_smile:

In general admissions at Cornell appear to be the lowest because it is also one of the larger schools and thus admits more students into Undergrad than some of its Ivy league counterparts. However, you will need to keep in mind that some of the programs at Cornell, such as Engineering, are highly competitive regarding entry.

Admissions are highly subjective, for instance, I have heard stories anecdotally of students getting into Dartmouth but getting rejected at Cornell. It really depends on a number of factors and SAT scores are not necessarily the only factor.