When is the best time for NZ students to apply for UK unis

Hello I’m a year 12 students currently studying in Auckland. I want to apply for Imperial College London and University College London. So when would be the best time for me to apply? End of year 13? Or earlier than that? Because I have heard that you need to apply earlier before term 4 if you want to get into an UK uni, is that true? Also if I apply for 5 UK unis already, can I still apply for other countries uni? ( e.g Melbourne uni and Sydney uni etc.) Thanks.

Hi there!

Most UK students applying to universities do so in the first term of Year 13 (September - December). The actual deadline for both Imperial and UCL is in Early January. However, it is best to apply as early as possible as both have rolling admissons, giving you plenty of time to decide on offers from other universities. The UK university applications (UCAS) is independent of any other country so, yes, you can apply for universities in other countries.

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To a certain degree it depends on what you are applying for. The official UCAS deadlines for entry to British Universities in 2018 are: Oxford, Cambridge and most dentistry/medical applications - 15 October 2017. For everywhere else - 15 January 2018. For Northern hemisphere students, this means that applications are generally made at the start of your final year at high school, but obviously it’s not quite the same in the Southern hemisphere!

As long as you make your application before the deadline specified by your chosen universities and/or courses, it doesn’t matter when you make the application. Applications are not assessed based on whether you send them in a month before the deadline or the night of the deadline (I submitted mine an hour before and still got in - would not recommend this at all). Obviously if they are sent in after the deadline, then it might affect whether your application is considered or not. As long as you just keep these dates in mind and stay on top of everything, you’ll be fine!

As for applying to universities both in and out of the UK, yes you can: it is only a UCAS specification that you can apply to only 5 universities in the UK. Therefore, if you are also applying to universities outside the UK it won’t be following the same guidelines, so you can apply to as many as you like! It’s just a restriction to 5 between all the UCAS universities to stop everyone applying everywhere.

Hope this was useful, if you have any other questions feel free to ask!