What was Jamie Beaton's cumulative High School GPA?

Just curious… asking for a friend.



My cumulative high school GPA was 4.0 unweighted. I did 10 A Levels with 8 A and 2 A* which roughly translates to getting 99.95 ATAR twice if you are Australia. 4 A Level As translates to a 4.0 GPA for the US. Which country are you from? I can give some tips on conversion.


I’ve landed myself a 3.98 GPA unweighted (I figured out the conversion). When applying, is there really much difference between this and a 4.0? My weighted GPA is much higher, thankfully.

Thanks Jamie,


Marginal but not a huge difference. How are your SAT scores?

I actually landed a 1600, and am looking to take subject tests this year. Hoping for 800 in those.

Good man! Sounds brilliant.