What should I do for US admission?


I’m a student currently taking level 1 NCEA in New Zealand. I feel the exams are flawed and am frustrated with the entire NCEA system (My school only offers NCEA). How will I get into a top US University with NCEA. Furthermore, I plan on leaving year 13 half a year early in order to join my year group in the US. This means i don’t even have the opportunity to take scholarship exams. I feel like my application, in an academic sense, will look poor. Really just using this to vent but mainly curious if there were any insights/suggestions avaliable?


Hi - If you are frustrated with the available educational opportunities at your school, my suggestion is to look into the Advanced Placement curriculum and see how much overlap exists between the content needed for those exams and the stuff that is taught by your school. In our experience at Crimson, US universities tend to look more positively at these international curricula and if you are going above and beyond to get good scores on these exams and show your qualifications, it should help compensate for any perceived deficiencies in the local curriculum.

Hope that helps!