What’s the party scene like at Duke?

I know the school is intense academically but is it also a lot of fun?

Interesting (and important) question. I’d lay it out like this - there’s four types of people at Duke: People in Greek Life, People not in Greek Life but who still go out, Athletes, and people who don’t go out. Obviously athletes have their own rigorous schedules to adhere to, so they go out when they can, but I am not an athlete so I can’t speak much to that. Greek Life is great for providing you with a way of having parties and events to go to, and provide for organized and intense times.

The thing, however, that ties all these people who go out together though, are the two bars (Shooters and Devines) that are open Wednesdays through Saturday. These are the places everyone goes regardless of if you’re in Greek life or not and is always a great time.

Shooters is a dance club that is known to play the popular music of the time and can be quite sweaty when over 500 people show up (which happens regularly). Definitely plan your visit to Duke around a Wednesday or Saturday to see this place in full force! Devines is open Thursdays and is more of a place where you can talk to people and be a little more sophisticated – always a good time. All in, the going out scene isn’t as intense as a state school, but the greek system and friends and these bars are all totally acceptable and you’ll grow to love it regardless.