What’s better - IB vs ISC?

Hi, I’m a student in Mumbai and I am curious which is better to study - IB or ISC (India board)?


I have listed out advantages and disadvantages of both the boards. The choice at the end is yours to make to see what style of learning you are more comfortable with as well as what could help you for further studies.

International Baccalaureate (IB)

  1. The international Baccalaureate curriculum is popular worldwide
    It has 3 sections, the PYP (Primary years program- KG to Year 5), MYP (Middle years program –Year 6-10 ) and the DYP(Diploma years program, Year 11 and 12
  2. IB has no prescribed textbooks and a lot of freedom in learning
  3. Focus of curriculum is on Analytical skills, language, arts and humanities
  4. The focus is more on applied knowledge instead of rote learning
    5.The DP core consists of Extended essay , creative/action/service project and theory of knowledge
  5. At the DYP Level, students can pick a subject each from 6 groups and the DP core
  6. It is usually favoured by those who want to send their children abroad for undergraduate or students of parents who will be relocating globally


  1. A new entrant in the Indian educational scene
  2. Not aligned to local entrance exam content
  3. More expensive than most ICSE schools
  4. Kids who are used to the traditional methods of teaching might find it a little difficult to adapt to the IB style of learning.


  1. Can follow any textbook of their choice
  2. Does not permit candidates from a non-affiliated school to appear for the exam
  3. Equal focus on Language, Art and Science


  1. Since there as an equal focus on all Language, Art and Science, a student cannot take up more of one area of study that would be more interested to learn about
  2. Not as much practical learning as IB schools