What opportunities do you have to make an impact at Albany Senior High School as Head Student?

If I was able to be a Head Student, what opportunities does the role present?

Hi Curious George,

Great question! I was a Head Student at ASHS. This role is about being a leader and creating opportunities for yourself and other students.

The opportunity for impact is significant. One of the biggest responsibilities that you have is to ensure that you are spending your time utilizing the resources that the school has on offer and going out into the local area and building relationships to offer new and exciting opportunities to the students of the school in the form of events and initiatives. You have a lot of autonomy in this role. This means that you can propose projects that focus on an array of areas, from education related activities like competitions and workshops, through to social related activities like campaigns and fundraising events.

Another opportunity that the role presents is the chance to grow as a leader. You will learn a lot about how you interact and work with other people. Being part of a Head Student team means that you are constantly improving your interpersonal skills and being challenged to innovate and produce your own ideas while understanding and incorporating the ideas generated by others around you. Socially, it is also fantastic to have the opportunity to work closely with other ambitious, high achieving students. I enjoyed learning from and working with a team of students who came from very diverse backgrounds and had interests quite different to my own and as a result I was able to learn a great deal from them over the course of the year.