What makes Oxford and Cambridge better than other U.K. Universities?


What’s all the hype about?


There are many reasons why Oxbridge is often considered preferable to other UK Universities but ultimately, it should be a personal pragmatic decision on what’s best for you. However, a key feature that sets these institutions apart is often due to the rigour of a course and the tutorial system which are delivered by some of the best academics within a given field.


Just wanted to also add that for most courses, three years at Oxbridge is a much more intense learning experience than many other UK universities. The years are divided into 3 terms of 8 weeks, with extensive reading expected over the holidays, compared with 32-week years at others. The experiences of friends at Oxbridge compared to mine at Manchester are that they have more contact time, smaller tutorials, smaller lectures and more assessments. I think often, many employers are looking for people who work well under that kind of intensity.