What is the social scene at the University of Chicago like?

I’ve heard that the workload is really high at the University of Chicago. How much of a social life do people have?

Yes, it is true that you will be working very hard. And yes, it is also true that the University of Chicago does have a bit of a reputation for having a very nerdy culture. However, at the end of the day, it is college. So you will definitely have a very active social life (if you want one).

I remember that in the weeks leading up to my first week at UChicago, I was worried about the university’s reputation for having a lack of a social science. Luckily, I soon discovered that my fears were unfounded. Almost immediately, I formed very close bonds with my peers in my dorm. As a first year student you have to live in a “House”, which are social communities within the dorms. Your House becomes the center of your social life for the first couple months of college (and possibly for all four years if you choose to stay active in the House). You’ll end up doing some really fun stuff with your House, such as trips into the city, wild parties, intramural sports competitions, etc. Speaking of wild parties, I remember hearing that the year before I was admitted to UChicago, the president of my House set her roommates’ desk on fire accidentally – she was trying to build a pyramid of flaming shots haha! Well anyways, long-story short, the Housing system will provide you with an exciting social scene. And this is just the tip of the Iceberg. Beyond Houses, you have student groups, greek life, performance arts groups, sports teams, etc, etc. So don’t worry, you won’t be socially isolated.

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