What is the selection process for Head Student at Macleans College?

What is the criteria and selection process for head student at Macleans College?

The selection process is pretty much entirely decided by teachers and staff – house leaders will play quite a big role in putting people forward. I think in the past teachers start paying attention from around year 11 for potential candidates because this is the time when students usually find the niche groups they fit into in the school and start to really excel. Teachers will look for camp leaders throughout year 11 and getting camp leader is a great opportunity to showcase leadership skills during camp in year 12 as well.

There’s no specific criteria you have to meet to get chosen as a head student at Macleans and you apply through the usual prefect application form. However, it’s good to keep in mind the kind of niche groups there are in the student body (this will be a question on the prefect application). Instead of trying to spread yourself over as many different fields and co-curriculars as possible, it is crucial that you find a few things you are really interested in and work on it and try to excel within that field.

It’s a good idea to work with prefects during year 12 by getting involved in school and house events to get some experience for how leadership within the school works. Get to know some of the school prefects and head prefects - you’d be surprised how keen a lot of them would be to give you advice and guidance which will be invaluable to you particularly during year 12. Also, I would really recommend reaching out to some ex head prefects too because the more advice you can get that is specific to you and your situation the better.