What is the Huntsman program?


I’ve heard a lot about Penn but recently came across the various dual degrees and the Huntsman program caught my eye.


The Hunstman program is a dual degree at the University of Pennsylvania between the College of Arts and Sciences and Wharton Business School. At CAS (The College of Arts and Sciences), you obtain a BA in International Studies and at Wharton, you obtain a BS in Economics. You also choose one target language (usually a language you have studied in high school, although not always required) and do a semester abroad in a university that helps you develop that language.

The program is one of Penn’s exclusive dual degree programs which typically only accepts 50 students around the world into the program. Typically over half the class if accepted in the Early Decision round to the Huntsman program, so if you think this is a program that is exciting, it is usually advisable to apply in the Early Decision round. The Huntsman program is regarded as being competitive with Harvard, Yale and Princeton and when I was evaluating schools, I spent a lot of time tossing up between Huntsman and Harvard.

One of the big attractions of this program is that you have an intimate 50 person class (or 200 people in Huntsman at the university over 4 years). This class forms a social network, a powerful alumni community, and a support infrastructure within the broader university. The program has dedicated advisors led by Inge Herman (http://huntsman.upenn.edu/community/staff).

The program has one of the strongest placement records into investment banking and management consulting as many recruiters perceive Huntsman kids to be some of the smartest Wharton kids. This is also true for the Jerome Fisher Management and Technology program.

The program is ideal for international students interested in furthering their cultural horizons, because of its greater international focus than University of Pennsylvania as a whole. Alumni generally go into fields like finance, international business and international diplomacy.

Source: http://huntsman.upenn.edu

p.s. Last year, two Crimson New Zealand students gained admission into Huntsman which was very exciting (not bad for a country of 4.5 MM people!)