What is the DJ Scene like in NZ?

What are the best ways to break into the DJ circuit and what makes a good DJ?

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A good DJ is someone that can read a crowd and plays the music that they believe that crowd on the night at that event will like the most. Although all venues have a certain ‘vibe’, a good DJ will be able to pick up what genres and type of music is working and what isn’t. Therefore, going in with a set list that is diverse, but also more tailored to the age or demographic you’re going into will help. A good DJ must also know how to mix in key, as in my opinion this is one of the most vital skills. To get into the DJ circuit, the best way is through knowing club or gig promoters. You need to get to know them, and/or ask for them to give you a chance to play a set. Perhaps first make a soundcloud mix to show them what your capabilities are. Once you’ve done this, it’s vital that once given a chance that you perform as best as you can, as getting opportunities at the beginning is not a guarantee. Just have fun and then the crowd will as well!