What is the culture like at Johns Hopkins?

This sounds like an awesome university but I’d love to hear about the campus culture.

One of the greatest aspects of attending Johns Hopkins University is the opportunity to participate in research as an undergraduate student. As America’s first research University, the school encourages undergraduate research and there are plenty of positions available at School of Medicine, School of Advanced International Studies, School of Public Health, School of Education, and School of Nursing (these programs are often considered as one of the best in the world) as well as School of Arts & Sciences and School of Engineering.

I’ve actually met a student working with a Nobel Prize winning professor and most of the people I knew at Hopkins were involved with some form of research, even the humanities majors.

Apart from the academics, Hopkins also has a lot cultural experiences to offer. There are over 400 undergraduate student clubs and organizations to join. Intramural and club sports and acapella groups are some of the most popular activities. I had a great time being involved with the student-run radio station on campus; I got to interview some of my favorite musicians, went to shows at local venues, and even hosted my own weekly radio show as a dj.

Also, Johns Hopkins Spring Fair is the nation’s biggest student run three-day festival featuring arts & crafts, music, carnival rides and food (including funnel cakes and fried Oreos).

While Baltimore may not be a traditional college town such as Boston, the city has its own charms and can be very enjoyable if you are willing to explore around. There are beautiful neighborhoods, good restaurants, and lively local music and art scenes. Most importantly, nothing is too fancy or too expensive which makes it a great city for students and is not too far from major cities in the East coast. Washington DC is less than an hour away and a trip to New York City only takes a couple of hours.

Hopkins is a school you’ll grow to love on many levels.

Students at JHU appreciate and strive for excellence. The student body is close-knit, with a driven and motivated atmosphere - you won’t be surprised to witness people voluntarily trickle out of social scenes into cubicles on C level (3rd floor underground) of the MSE library late Saturday night.

The culture is unique in that it combines a liberal arts spirit of learning with the facilities and resources a larger research institution has to offer. With no core curriculum, the school takes a highly personalized approach to education that broadens horizons, and students are free to explore their passion and satisfy intellectual appetites across multiple disciplines. To give you an idea, I was able to take engrossing classes outside of my area of concentration as a Psychology and Brain Sciences major, such as Existentialism and the Theatre of the Absurd, or Subatomic quantum physics – classes that were both intellectually stimulating as well as thoroughly enjoyable.

Despite the unsavory immediate surrounding area, Baltimore offers a variety of opportunities for cultural enrichment if you opt to venture out a little further. In close vicinity of the campus is the Baltimore Museum of Art and the Walters Gallery, and TJ is on point - the larger Baltimore area is eclectic and has a unique cool to it. Baltimore is home to legends like Billie Holiday, and being a jazz fan, it was awesome to live in a city with a history steeped in live music. Check out Federal Hill any night of the week for good local music, if you can squeeze it in between the assignments, exams and papers that Hopkins will throw at you relentlessly.

The Peabody area boasts some idiosyncratic eateries, as does Inner Harbor, Hampden and Fells Point. I’m happy to give you tips on solid choices if you’re curious :slight_smile: